Korshags - Tastier food from the sea

A family business with a proud history


The family has been in the fish business since the 1930s.


Per-Arne Korshag starts to experiment with fish smoking in a converted refrigerator in his parents garden 50 years ago.


Per-Arne and his wife Gunnel acquire a smaller smoke house and fish smoking becomes their main occupacy.


The company was established (at that time called Falkenbergs Laxrökeri AB).


Per-Arne sets the Guiness World Record in salmon fileting. He fileted 1 ton, 285 salmons at that time, in 47 minutes. No one has ever dared to challenge him!


Gunnel's and Per-Arne's son Niklas becomes the CEO and majority owner of the company.


The largest extension of the factory in the company’s history. The factory is now 5 500 m2. We deliver to the well-known British department store Harrods, and the year after, we become a supplier to the British online retailer Ocado.


The company changed its name from Falkenberg Laxrökeri AB to Korshags Food AB. The products are just as good as before, it's just the exterior that has changed. The main reason was that we wanted to emphasize that we are a family business. We also wanted to clarify the breadth of our product range. Smoked salmon is still our specialty, but as of today we offer a much wider product range. Four months after the name change, we received the award Marketer of the Year in Halland.


The company is celebrating 35 years and is today Sweden’s top 3rd fish smoking business in terms of sales (sales 154 mkr (EUR 15,7m; £11,1m); 50 employees). First MSC-certified fresh fish counter in Halland.